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Events and Exhibitions 2022

Thank you so much to all the lovely people who come to shows and buy

my work! Below you will find a list of the shows I shall be doing in 2022.

I will add them as soon as bookings are confirmed.


However, the cost of doing shows has been rising steeply in the past few years,

while visitor attendance has been falling, making it harder than ever to make a living 

this way. So I shall be doing fewer shows in future (and more online events instead),
and only sticking with those that meet my artist-friendly requirements:
A good show is one which
1. offers makers and visitors a high quality experience, with only handmade work

for sale and no bought in items

2. charges reasonable stand fees

3. does not charge a non-refundable 'administration fee'

4. is transparent about its charging structure

5. does not put up its stand fees and other costs to artists to cover free public
entertainment, such as live music





Online Events
All online events will take place on my personal Facebook page. Search for 'Christine Sarah Pike'

Fairs 2022:


18 June Sally Evans Events, Thame, Oxfordshire

29 - 31 July Underneath The Stars Festival


Christmas at Blackthorpe Barn:

12 - 13 November

19 - 20 November

26 - 27 November

3 - 4 December

More dates to be confirmed



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