Welcome to my Freyjadottir Designs page

This is where you will find a selection of my hand-cast art resin edition pieces for sale. If there is a Paypal button next to a piece of work, that means it is available for immediate purchase (and the price includes UK postage). If a piece has 'Enquire' next to it, you can click on the link to email me for details of availability and choice of finishes - most pieces can be ready to ship within 4 - 6 weeks)

'Freyja' is from old Norse and means 'Lady'. It was the name given to the Nordic goddess of love, beauty, war, and death. Freyja is the embodiment and essence of the Feminine in all her different guises and, as such, I am drawn to honouring this energy in my work and I am proud to call myself one of the many Daughters of the Lady.

Why Freyjadottir Designs?

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